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Welcome to Practical Pleasure Coaching

Re-design your relationships with pleasure-based coaching

With Practical Pleasure Coaching you will:


The different sexuality models you can use in your life


The difference between linear and circular sex


How your attachment style impacts your relationships


Your sexual inhibitors and excitators


Your sexy and not-so-sexy contexts


Slow sex and tantra skills


Sexual polarity between you and your partner


Immediate access to a toolkit of practices to boost daily pleasure

Couple pleasure coaching
Dr. Leyla Gulcur

About Me

My name is Leyla Gulcur. I’m a psychologist by training but I also wear many other hats: university instructor, sexuality educator, qigong teacher — and much more.


A long-time practitioner of tai chi, bagua and meditation, I have combined my experience and background in Western psychology, Chinese medicine, Tantra and Taoist energy arts to create a pleasure-based coaching practice.


My program is designed specifically to help individuals and couples craft conscious ways of relating with each other through the enhancement of communication skills, emotional vitality and sexual polarity.

What to Expect

The Practical Pleasure Program

couple pleasure

Length and Frequency of Sessions

Sessions are undertaken once every 1 or 2 weeks, depending on your needs and desired time commitment. Sessions are done online via secure video and can be undertaken in packages ranging from 8-16 sessions.

During the first few sessions I will do a thorough assessment of your relationship and sexual history and patterns, attachment style and experiences.


Working together, we will identify your current needs and discuss some quick solutions for you to try out as soon as you leave the first session.

Subsequent sessions will encompass coaching, psycho-education and experiential exercises that will identify unproductive patterns of communication, which you will replace with powerful methods to communicate effectively with your partner.


I will also show you practices to increase your somatic awareness of sexual and emotional patterns that prevent you from connecting more deeply to a partner, which you will release to make room for more emotional vitality and sexual polarity.

During our whole time together, I will give you weekly or bi-weekly "play practices" to try out at home with yourself or with a partner and we will debrief and discuss what worked and what needs to be tweaked during the next session.

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Toolkit of Pleasure Practices

At the end of each session I will give you a “toolkit” of practices to boost daily pleasure.


Moving forward, I will continue to provide you with an individually tailored set of daily practices that you can do at home or elsewhere, any time.

My goal is to have you live your life guided by the wisdom of your desires — and to create relationships that enhance mutual growth, self-expansion and passion!

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Lana M.

“I never knew mindful sex and tantra practices could change my marriage like this. My partner has gone from not wanting to be touched to not able to get enough of me! I am so lucky to have found you!”

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Packages and Fees

Coming Soon

Contact Information


Tel: +1-212-243-0592

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