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What Is Practical Pleasure Coaching?

Live your life guided by the wisdom of your desires.

Practical Pleasure™ is a multi-modal coaching model designed and implemented by a psychologist, to help couples and dating individuals master the art of pleasure in their relationships.

In the program, you will identify your sexual turn-ons and turn-offs, along with how your attachment and communication style impacts your relationships. You will discover what it means to experience “expanded sexuality,” and learn how to connect with your partner energetically, through techniques based on slow sex, tantra, and Taoist sexuality


Mastering the principles of the Practical Pleasure™ Model will create an antidote to the communication breakdowns, diminished passion, low sexual desire and daily stresses that so often plague the relationships of our current times.


The model is designed inclusively so that whether you are currently partnered or a single individual, you will experience immediate benefits in the way you relate to others, regardless of whether you are in a committed relationship, dating casually or simply want to enhance your connection to others in your life.


The Practical Pleasure Model will help you master the art of designing your relationships in a way that enhances growth, self-expansion and passion.

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